Sunday, August 16, 2009

Future of blogging

An interesting article that I read at GigaOm (no link -- too lazy now). This is about how to make blogging more social. Why is it that I have to log in to the blogger network to post articles? Why can i not do it more seamlessly? And why is it that comments can only appear after the article? Why can the comments not be jived into the article depending on the quality of the comment?

Several challenges in making the above happen. A first step though is posterous. As I understand it it makes blogging seamless whereby i could post anything (photos, videos, files etc) to an email address. and they set up a page with the content and reply back. Got to check it out. This might address one small part of the first wish (post seamlessly) in the paragraph above.

So went ahead and tried it. A problem though is that I cannot choose the URL that I want. they do provide a URL yourname.posterous but they seem to append random characters. Something that I do not like and not only that. Makes it difficult for me to remember the web site corresponding to me. Would have liked a choice here if "myname.posterous" is taken.

Of course, to get over the above problem, i got to log in and sign in. Hmm, they should have made this clear up front.

Future of Work:

The title here is the same title in a blog post on the gigaom network. This post talks about the formation of groups to execute projects in the future. And what is interesting is how the group dynamics would help the execution. We need a way to help determine the group dynamics before a group is far down the road; in other words, a tool to help people determine if they can work easily with each other and avoid people who do not share chemistry.