Saturday, December 22, 2012

interesting articles

Some interesting articles that i have come across recently. 
  • A deep look into the recent Presidential election and why Romney lost. While somewhat verbose, the author has provides a detailed review with numbers. So Colorado was lost due to the immigration position, Virginia lost over women's issues, Ohio lost due to Romney's position on the auto bailout and Florida lost due to the impact on Medicare due to Paul Ryan being the vice-presidential candidate. 
  • A very interesting article focused on domestication of a raccoon. 
  • The author laments the loss of the web world as we knew it in this article. Probably the latest efforts by Twitter, Facebook etc towards closing their ecosystems could have been the catalyst for this article. These companies might have been forced by the demands of Wall Street to do this. 
  • And then the author suggests solutions to the concerns expressed above here. The proposed steps include changing the funding model, build applications that provide great user experiences, democratizing the talent pool etc. 
  • Good ideas for some DIY projects. Something to explore in the near future.
  • Will robots take over? Well humans will still have to plan what the robots will have to do. 
  • Coolest gadgets. I would be interested in some of these.