Sunday, January 19, 2014


Read an interesting article about the challenges associated with wearables. I strongly believe that wearables of different types (watches, glasses, bracelets etc) will be key towards the "data driven everything" world that we are marching towards. 

Several opportunities in this space that I can think of
  • Help me with my social interactions. So can my google glass help me by recording names, important nouns in my conversation and provide me context for next time I meet the same person. Helps me get over my "small talk" challenges maybe.
  • Make me more efficient. So can my "watch" or "bracelet" understand that my bp goes up when I talk to person X and try to manage that for me; maybe by making me call X before a party or going to sleep or whatever so that i can recover fast and not waste the entire day after a conversation with X trying to recover.
  • Show the impact on my health. Wearables these days focus on "easy pickings" such as showing me how much i walked, ran etc. But can they then tie to how beneficial these activities are to the blood pressure, sugar levels etc for the person. And warn me when I do not exercise as to the expected impact on my health. I bet such information about positive and negative impact will get lot more people "keeping their promises with regards to exercising".
Here is another interesting article on wearables that I read this weekend.